Peculiar Life Hacks Observed in Italy and Represented in Movies

Making do with what one already has remains a positive endeavour. The term ‘arrangiarsi‘ is used to describe this practice. Everyone around the world would benefit from developing such a frugal skill at home and even at work as a means to guarantee success Password of Lunenburg.


The art of ‘making do‘ enabled Italians to survive many crises, including World War II and the recent Coronavirus Crisis. Knowing how to make do helped them to endure long periods of social distancing while singing together in unison from balconies to ignite community participation. By living in three-generation households, many citizens keep their families strong.


In times of crisis when people are unemployed, various generations chip in together by contributing time and resources to get by. In order to learn more about getting by successfully, one might watch the film “L’Arte di Arrangiarsi” (1954) starring Alberto Sordi (1920-2003), a man who always knows how to ‘arrangiarsi’ by merely going with the flow.


One might also watch or read plays by Edoardo De Filippo (1900-1984) in which the author described the struggles that people had and how they dealt with them through humour. The plays include De Filippo’s renowned movie ‘Marriage Italian Style’ (1964) directed by Vittorio De Sica.


Most Italians have a collection of simple recipes that are inexpensive to prepare in times of hardship. This doesn’t imply that all of their methods are frugal–quite the contrary, but it’s wise to have a list of some low-cost meals to make do.


In northern Italy, there’s delicious ‘carnaroli rice’ with yellow saffron and onions, known as ‘Risotto alla Milanese‘ (which the author highly recommends); whereas in southern Italy, there are simple, delicious dishes like ‘Pasta and Potatoes’ (also recommended). Almost everyone is familiar with the scrumptious meal called ‘Spaghetti with Garlic and Olive Oil!’


Italian cooking is excellent precisely because it typically uses a few garden-fresh ingredients that are easily identifiable. Italians don’t try to hide the ingredients. There’s much to be learned from Italian cookery when it comes to getting by in style.


No doubt, this food is the right life hack that’s always delightful! Cooking is so important in Italy that there are lots of daily TV shows that teach viewers how to cook both new and traditional dishes, some dishes being more complicated than others.


Italians know how to make do with stick-shift cars as most of them refuse to drive automatic vehicles. To get a driving license in Italy, one must take the exam with a manual car even though future autos will likely be electric.


Most Italians prefer to make do with clotheslines rather than dryers in order to protect the fabric while saving electricity and having fine-smelling clothes. People manage to keep cool in the summertime with fans rather than air conditioners. Some complain that the air conditioners might cause them to experience the ‘colpa di freddo‘, which is a chill that makes one get sick.


Small refrigerators are preferred over large ones to ensure that people eat more fresh food and shop regularly. Small foreign language schools get by with very few books shared by all teachers for numerous classes in order to be parsimonious.


Many families are said to have shared one computer amongst all members during the coronavirus emergency to demonstrate frugality, meaning that children taking classes online had to share computers with their smart-working parents. Because people still love to share, most Italians are said to be homeowners.


Italians typically love to be served well while on holiday because ‘Ferragosto‘ is sacred, one reason why most businesses close in August. In a recent survey, citizens reported that they prefer to go to luxurious hotels rather than to go camping.


They ‘just wanted to be served’ during the holidays because they worked so hard the rest of the year, trying to balance family and work, stating that having a vacation should entail doing very little while relaxing. One family reported they preferred travelling across Europe in a camp trailer, but most people preferred luxury hotels, even if it meant having a shorter vacation.

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