Palm Reading – Reflecting Destiny by Lines and Mounts

Different Aspects of Consideration

Though, most of the people must be aware of palm reading art,Guest Posting most of that lot holds a wrong notion that it is about determining one’s future by considering the shape and size of different lines flowing through one’s palm. For the fact, it is only a limited aspect of it top Palm Beach architects.

Palmistry is about consideration of various other aspects besides those lines. It includes consideration of the color of skin, hair on skin, mounts on palm, ridges on palm, shape of fingers, length of fingers, shape of palm, shape of fingertips, and stiffness or smoothness of palm, etc.

Each of these factors is influential in their individual self as well as on the whole, in order to determine different aspects of one’s life. Besides this, it is also important to understand that it is not only a reflection of one’s future, but also of one’s past and present. It is like a complete image of destiny of a person. It is a source of getting aware about oneself, and about life and purpose of life.

Karma Influencing Destiny

By observing the changing length, shape, thickness and thinness, and appearance and vanishing of lines and various other factors of one’s palm as stated above, one might wonder about the rigidness or flexibility of one’s destiny. According to the beliefs of palmistry, it is a reflection of the changing dimensions of one’s life, which one brings through his good or bad Karma.

The Process of Application

The process of application of Palm Reading or palmistry involves consideration of all the above stated factors. A Palm Reader, a person who holds an expertise in their art, makes a detailed assessment of all those factors in order to derive answers of all the questions.

On those grounds, he determines the past, present, and future of a person on the whole as well as for different aspects. When we talk of consideration of these factors, the palm lines emerge to be the most significant of all.

If scrutinized closely, you will find many lines flowing through your palm. However, palmistry signifies four of them to be the most significant of all. They are head line, heart line, life line, and fate line. Head line represents for intellect and communication related life matters, heart line represents for romance, relationship-s, and love related life matters, life line represents for longevity and health related life matters, and fate line denotes for an overall destiny of a person.

While the first three of them are found in everyone’s palm, the fourth one is not present in all. Besides them, there are few other prominent lines such as Sun Line, Liver Line, etc. While considering any of these lines, there thickness or thinness, length, shape, size, curves, and breakages are considered.

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