September 28, 2022

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The previous secret dilemma, “Who killed Cock Robin?”, has marketed the generation of several attractively scheming operates of literary fiction throughout the last two ages in which the creative experts have endeavored to provide the individual brain uncertain murder circumstances to contemplate with the trust of solving ethicon recall lawyer.

While a great many Americans invest countless hours of the time reading Agatha Christie, Wayne Patterson, Dashiell Hammett, and the numerous other modern writers of murder mysteries, some repulsive real-life homicides, 3000-plus, were determined on September 11, 2001, on one day.

Which expected at that time an equal, or better, amount of deductive reasoning and noise forensic analysis to solve. Sixty-four of those murders could be case-filed beneath the name, “The perplexing Burlingame Endgame Killings,” named following the command pilot of the National Airlines Journey 77, and the fifty-eight passengers, and other five customers of the crew.

On-board the Boeing 757, and, needless to say, that stimulating ultimate element of a chess sport that always needs an extra-special attention to aspect which, according to the government, was allegedly flown into the west wall of the Pentagon at allegedly 9:37 a.m. on 9/11 by an Arab hijacker, Hani Hanjour.

My thought functions were acutely stimulated recently while listening to the Larry O’Connor Show, on WMAL, 105.9 FM, on Tuesday September 11, 2017. Through that radio display, I was intrigued, if not to confused, by the claims of Debra Burlingame, younger cousin of the dead Journey 77 pilot, Charles Burlingame, by what apparently occurred on September 11, 2001, at the Pentagon.

Debra, apparently an expert attorney, has, since 9/11, continuously parroted the federal version of what occurred to Journey 77, a scheduled National Airlines Boeing 757 jet trip from Washington, DC to Los Angles, California being hijacked in-flight and flown by the high-jacker, Hanjour, into the Pentagon, insisting that her brother,

And one other 63 staff and passengers who have been outlined on an National Airlines Journey 77 manifest, were killed once the jet airliner made impact with the Pentagon’s western wall at, apparently, 450 mph at about 60 legs over the ground.

What’s absolutely baffling about these alleged facts is excatly why Debra has reinforced, for pretty much sixteen-years, some assertions in regards to the death of her beloved brother, that could not need probably happened as a result of clinical impossibility.

Since 9/11, many scientifically “correct” factual statements about what “really” occurred at the Pentagon on that terrible day have emerged from thorough forensic and clinical examinations and analyses of the dubious facts alleged by the government right after the Pentagon episode and, later, in their printed 500-plus site tome, “The Report of 9/11 Commission.

As a former deputy sheriff for the San Diego County Sheriff’s Division, I finished from the 72nd San Diego County Sheriff’s Academy in June 1985 after a powerful experience of offender forensics. Before that, I had learned inorganic chemistry for one year in an engineering program at Tyler Junior College (TJC),

In Tyler, Texas, and, after doing a baccalaureate stage at U.T. Tyler, I done my first, and just, year of law college at Thomas Jefferson School of Legislation, in San Diego, California. Later, in 1992, I needed an M.A. Level from the University of Texas at Tyler, which included a graduate-level course in forensic chemistry.

Hence, I came to view the activities, and federally alleged facts, at the Pentagon with the eyes of a dubious forensically qualified policeman, which light emitting diode me to see a very different set of facts, as I’ll collection forth in that article.

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