“Travel is like a good challenging book: It demands presentness — the ability to live completely in the moment.”

— Robert D. Kaplan

Why do thousands of businesses around the world rely on Coffee News?


love coffee news

There’s enough bad news out there. Coffee News engages and delights readers with new stuff to look for each and every week: trivia, inspiring quotes, horoscopes, and clean, corny jokes. It’s always positive.

And most of all, we love searching through the ads to find the little man!

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Coffee News costs less than other advertising. Imagine someone handing out your business card to 1000 people each day at a cost of $4.60. That’s not a lot of money for extraordinary value.


All ads in Coffee News are EXCLUSIVES, meaning we only allow one type of business in each edition, allowing you to LOCK OUT your competition.

foundthelittlemanNo stone was left unturned when it came to the design and content of Coffee News. It employs 17 psychological and super-learning techniques to boost readership and results for advertisers. Your ad is always on the front or the back page — never lost on page 22 or nearly invisible within the vast and cluttered universe of cyberspace advertising.

Not to mention the Little Man Contest that often draws readers to the ads FIRST.

BrandEffective advertising is consistent and repetitive. In other media, small businesses get priced out. They can’t afford the consistent repetition that an effective campaign requires. Coffee News is easy. It comes out each and every week and is available 7 days a week, 3 meals a day — so that you can be known by the local community.

Your prospects may not need you when they first see your ad, but wouldn’t it be nice for people to think of you when they do?

restaurantsBe in the right place at the right time. With Coffee News, you are targeting your local consumers, and not paying for markets that you are not in.

Where do the people who live, work, and eat near your business go, often, to stop and relax for a few minutes and spend money? Restaurants. And that’s where you’ll find Coffee News.

#1Since 1988, restaurant patrons have been reading Coffee News while waiting for their food — and thousands of small businesses have been using it to grow.

Entrepreneur Magazine has placed Coffee News #1 in the Advertising Services category for 12 straight years.

CNpeopleGroupCoffee News is now read by over 5 million people each week worldwide and has become the largest weekly restaurant publication in the world.

Piedmont Coffee News, which began on February 28, 2006, now publishes 9 editions, covering 15 area towns and cities. We distribute to 850 restaurants and reach approximately 60,000 people each week.

People are in a good mood when they go out to eat and pick up Coffee News. They are engaged, and receptive to your marketing message. Why not communicate with them?

“Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.” ~Mark Twain


We have been using Coffee News straight from the beginning. It’s our best form of advertisement. A lot of people come in and say that’s how they found us.
Beverly Wood, R&B Games
“We’ve been customers of Coffee News a long time. They offer the best distribution, in virtually every restaurant in town.”
“Coffee News out performs other media at a fraction of the cost.”
Jason Jones, Pro Shine Car Wash
“Coffee News has brought new customers and awareness that has helped us be successful in our business.”
“Coffee News consistently brings in business to our store.”
Beverly Aymar, Secure the Perimeter
“We are getting great response. Coffee News is a great, effective marketing tool in this very digital marketing world.”
Ginger White, The Insurance Center
“We have earned almost ten times our investment from our Coffee News customers. We are thrilled with the results! Thanks so much!”
Karen Garrison, iPaint
“Coffee News is a great little paper. Our residents love it, and in just a few months we’ve gotten several referrals from our ad.”
We’re booked solid, thanks to our advertising campaign in Coffee News.
Jessika Hodges, Naturally Clean Team

What's the most expensive kind of advertising you can do?


hidingHiding out can cost you your business.

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